The look is a little different. The command centre has evolved to meet the latest technological demands.
There are more features and computing power. It's the new, improved versions (28) of MYOB™ Premier
V11 and AccountEdge™ v.2.

A time line of events may be helpful. We took the following directly from the Acclivity website.
The only changes to their content are in a different colour.

For those of you who have a first or second-hand history with MYOB™ and its products, all this Acclivity talk
may seem confusing. Not to fear, we've compiled a chronology of events to assist.

2001 - MYOB Ltd. (an Australian public company) decides to sell their Canadian business to Intuit Canada.

2001: directupdates.com went online offering a way for MYOB users to continue using their software.

2002 - Intuit Canada decides to sunset MYOB Accounting Plus for Windows

2003 - Intuit Canada decides to sunset their Canadian Mac products and discontinue support. Many
thousands of customers left to make difficult decisions.

2005 - MYOB US (a wholly-owned subsidiary of MYOB Ltd.) is purchased by two of its managers, Tom Nash
and Scott Davisson, who reorganize the company under the name Acclivity. Acclivity has the rights to sell
MYOB Mac and Windows products in the United States only.

2008 - Acclivity enters into an agreement with MYOB Ltd., which allows them to autonomously develop
their own Mac products globally (resold in AU/NZ by MYOB) and Windows products in North America.
Acclivity now has the option to enter Canada, should they so choose. Hint: they chose.

2009 - Acclivity launches the completely localized AccountEdge for Mac in Canada. Many happy Acclivity
employees. Parties with toasts.

2010 - Acclivity launches AccountEdge for Windows, a full-featured upgrade for the Mac product and
introduces integrated Canadian credit card processing.

2010: directupdates.com become AccountEdge Elite Certified Consultants

Acclivity did not take the decision to enter Canada lightly. We would not have done so without every
intention to build a reliable, sustainable business. We thank all of our loyal customers, partners and
resellers for their warm, enthusiastic support.

directupdates.com takes our commitment to our Clients very seriously. You have been loyal to us and we
will be loyal to you. Our promise to you is this: we will continue to support classic MYOB V11 until the
very last client decides to upgrade to the new AccountEdge or switch to other accounting software.