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It's often confusing. After all, you didn't go into business to be worrying about keeping your
financial records audit proof. 

You began your business because it was something you love to do or have a real talent for, or
maybe just because you saw an opportunity to make a boatload of money. So did we. For the past
22 years, we have provided exclusive consulting and bookkeeping services to new and existing
MYOB clients. We can help your business too.

Our Consultant, Megan Hanwell, specializes in teaching you and your staff to manage your
accounting software with ease and confidence so you're not stuck calling (and spending money ) all
the time. She will give you the keys to customize AccountEdge to fit your company's specific

Consulting can be done in person, by telephone or fax as well as remotely (which is kind of spooky
the first time) We strive to make it as stress free as possible and maybe even fun - yes it can be
fun - if it's MYOB.

Things an AccountEdge Elite Certified Consultant can help your business do:
Upgrade your data file from MYOB V11 or AccountEdge v.2
Convert your data from Quickbooks or Simply Accounting
Create a new data file 
Network your data file for multiple users
Teach business owners and employees how to unlock the flexibility and reporting power of AccountEdge
Show you how to Customize forms unique to your business
Set up payroll so you won't have any problems with CRA or any other government agency
Show you the tips and tricks to unleash all the powerful features that come with this software
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