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We thought you might have some questions about the Tax Updates.
The last question refers to the new AccountEdge. . .

Is it legal?
Yes. We called the Other Guys and asked about Payroll Updates for our software. They said that they weren’t
offering them.
We asked, “What if we change the Tax Tables ourselves? Is that OK?” We were told there was no problem, in
fact the program was written to use third party Tax Table Updates. See our Legal page for more details.

Will it work everywhere in Canada?
Yes. The information used to construct the solution comes directly from CRA.

What versions are the tables for?
Our PC updates are designed to work with MYOB® Accounting Plus™ versions, 10(2) and 11. The Mac updates
will work with AccountEdge™ v.2 for sure and probably v.1 as well (but no promises). They will not work
with older versions of MYOB products because before the above noted versions, CRA tax formulas did not
separate Federal and Provincial Tax calculations. We apologize to those of you still using older software but
we cannot, and would not, change the actual MYOB™ software.

What do I get?
You will receive updated Payroll Tax Tables for January 1, 2015 along with instructions for installation. You
will also receive any and all updates issued by CRA during 2015. There could be one, two or none.

When Can I have it?
About a week after CRA has published their changes for 2017 our updates for Windows and MAC will be
available by Registered Download the same day you order.

How do we order and pay?
You can order and pay through PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account in order to pay through them.

How do we know you are going to send the update to us once we pay for it?
You have our telephone number, address, name and email. We know how we behave when we get stiffed.
We would hate to be on the receiving end of that kind of behaviour so you can bet customer satisfaction is #1
on our list of company policies.

Will future payroll updates be available?
You bet! Remember, we want to keep using this software too. Barring a comet strike, we will keep
producing updates until the last MYOBer says we can quit. We have, unfortunately, discontinued payroll updates for AccountEdge v.2 due to lack of demand.

What happens if I change my mind?
If you have paid for your Payroll Tax Table Update for MYOB V11 or AccountEdge v.2 by Credit Card and choose
to cancel the order, that's OK. We're not going to force you to buy anything. Send us an email and we will refund your payment right away. We suggest you email us with your questions. No transactions will be processed if you cancel the purchase. If you are paying by cheque, please email, fax or call us and we will return your payment by mail.
There are no refunds if you purchase a license for the new AccountEdge or any services associated with it.

Will I lose my MYOB data if I upgrade to the new AccountEdge?
No. The Upgrade Assistant creates a brand new data file. No more .pls file extension. The new one has an .myo file extension. We suggest downloading a copy, upgrading your current data file and then, start playing. Try the different features. See what works (and doesn't) work for you. You have 30 days to play and then, unless you purchase a user license, the data becomes inaccessible and you should uninstall AccountEdge. Just remember to keep entering your day to day data into MYOB.