hst setup
Here is the setup for BC The only difference for Ontario is the rate. It will be 13% for you.

First, create the Liability account or accounts. If you want to split HST collected and HST paid,
create 3 new accounts. A header account that will calculate the grand total owing: HST
Payable, then 2 sub accounts called HST Collected & HST Paid. Here we like to keep things
simple and have just one account called HST payable.
Then create the tax code as shown below
As you know, the HST came into effect July 1, 2010. This new tax code is easy
to set up and here is an illustrations to help you along
If you would like to change your Customer and Vendor card settings to reflect the new tax
code, it is possible to do them all at once.
First make a back-up of your data file.

Go to File and slide down to Export. Click on Customer Cards. Change the settings to Comma
Separated and Data record. Select the very first field - Customer Name and then slide down
until you reach the Tax Code field and mark that one too.

Export the data to a text file on your desktop. Minimize MYOB.
Find the text file. If you exported Customer Cards, the file will be called Cust.txt. Open it
with Notepad (not Wordpad or MSWord.) Go to Edit and choose Replace. Type in the present
Tax Code (GST, G or whatever code you use) put a comma in front of it.
Then, in the next box, type in: ,HST or H or whatever name you have chosen for the new tax
code. Click replace all and when done, check to make sure all the tax codes have changed. If
you have other tax codes that you want to change to HST, follow the same proceedure using
the other codes until all your cards have the HST tax code. Save and close the document.

Bring MYOB back up and go to Edit/ Import/Cards, Customer Cards. Make sure you select
Update Existing Record or you will be importing a whole new list of Customers. Match the 2
fields on the left to the list on the right. Click import