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MYOB V11 is NOT stable on Windows 10

If you have a W10 computer and still want to use MYOB you must upgrade to AccountEdge Pro.

One of the increasingly frequent questions has been:
Will MYOB work on Vista or Windows 7 ?
The simple answer is Yes. The installation process is a little different.
A brilliant MYOBer figured out how
Follow these steps. . To install MYOB 11 in Vista (64 bit) and Windows 7
(32bit and 64bit)




1: Create a new empty folder on your desktop.
2: Put your MYOB V11 CD into the drive. When the installation process starts, stop it and exit.
3: Go to My Computer and click on your CD Drive to open it up. You will see a list of the files on the CD. Go up to Edit (second in from top left corner) and slide down to Select All. Click on it. All the files on the CD should be highlighted.
4: Copy them into the empty folder
5: Find the file called Setup.exe and right click on it with your mouse. Slide down to Properties.
6: When this window opens, find the Compatability tab and click on it.
7: Select either W98 or Windows XP.
8: Click Apply and close the window
9: Now double click on Setup.exe and setup should start